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New or Novel Drug Delivery Systems are those which are modifications of conventional ones are relatively new in the market. They are administered before, after or during treatment of particular disease in patients.

We delve in the following categories:

  1. Chewable dispersible tablets.
  2. A buffered powder for oral solution.
  3. A pediatric powder for oral solution.
  4. Muco-adhesive system
  5. Osmotic pump
  6. Oral inhalations
  7. In-situ gels
  8. Ophthalmic gels
  9. Parenteral solutions, suspensions and emulsions.
  10. Solid lipid nanoparticles.
  11. Liposomes
  12. Buccal tablets
  13. Nano –particles, nano –emulsions and nano-suspensions.
  14. Microspheres and microcapsules of drugs.
  15. Extended, delayed release and controlled release dosage forms.

These changes have realized corrections of limitations of existing therapies, namely tablets, ointments, traditional capsules etc. New drug deliveries are developed to promote therapeutic effects of a drug and minimizing its toxic effects by increasing the amount and location of a drug in the vicinity of a target tissue or a cell thereby reducing drug exposure to non-target cells.

Advantages: Provide unique attributes such as:

  1. Improvement in patient compliance
  2. Improved results and reduction in adverse drug reactions.
  3. Reduction in costly interventions such as lab testing.
  4. Patients can obtain medicines and treat themselves at home therefore reduction in hospital costs.
  5. Therapeutically duration of action of drug can be controlled as per the need
  6. Decrease in dosage frequency.
  7. Controlling the drug release at site
  8. Maintaining constant drug levels for better availability at the site
  9. Reduction in number of concomitant medications taken dy a patient
  10. Simplification of administration frequency
  11. Overall reduction in health-care cost.

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