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///Literature search

Upon request following literature search can be availed:

  • Background information from subject encyclopedia or a handbook.
  • Pubmed / medline data base search.
  • International Pharmaceutical Abstracts Database.
  • Formal reports of Scientific and Clinical findings from standard journals of repute pertaining to Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technology, Drug Delivery, Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products and Trends in Pharmacology.
  • Economic evaluations of healthcare interventions.
  • Updates on Pharmaceutical substances and Dosage forms, excipients and Delivery, OTC Drugs, Combination Products, Drugs currently available.
  • More relevant information to practising Pharmacists.
  • Information of prescription drugs, dosing information, pharmacokinetics, cautions and clinical applications. Information on some investigational and non-prescription drugs may also be searched including herbal medicines.
  • Summary on drug formulations, patents and exclusivity information.
  • Information on parenteral drug stability and compatibility and on parenteral nutrition.
  • Information related to prescription and non-prescription products, product suppliers, route of administration strength and quantity, average wholesale price and direct price.
  • Information on compounded preparations to meet the needs of individual patients.
  • Information related to veterinary products and paediatric drug formulations.
  • Source, chemical composition, pharmacology, biological activity, uses and commercial preparations of natural ingredients.
  • Information on Alternative and complementary medicine or therapies which include Foods, Herbs and supplements’ comparative effectiveness.
  • Genomics and proteomics.
  • Information about drug interactions,side effects and adverse drug reactions,food-medication interactions, drug induced diseases, prevention, detection and management.
  • Information regarding pharmaco-genetics.
  • Information related to innovations in product and process development and manufacturing methodology for pharmaceutical products.

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